Journal Day #6

Well technically number one for me, but the sixth prompt in the series created by Sometimes Sweet. Every Sunday or Monday, Danielle gives a prompt to help inspire herself and those who want to join, to write! You can read more about the project here. I’ve had good intentions to write on some of the previous prompts, but something would come up and I’d forget all about it until it was time for the next one.

I don’t profess to be much a of a writer, I’m just someone who enjoys using her words sometimes.

So without further ado, here is this weeks prompt:

Everyone has different things that keep them going. Sometimes it’s the people around us, other times it might be what’s waiting for us on the other side of hard work. Whatever it may be, there’s usually some sort of motivation to get up every day, get things done, or maybe even go the extra mile. With that said, what would you say is your biggest motivation in life? Has is always been this way? 

The biggest motivation for me now is my daughter. It has not always been that way; before, my motivation varied and at times I really, truly struggled to find it. Usually though, I found motivation on the other side of hard work…the results.

And even though I’m still driven by hard work, my life is very different now. I have this beautiful baby girl who looks at me like the sun and moon rises because of me. I’m incredibly aware that the things I say and do will someday influence her on things like: how she feels about herself, how she perceives others, the actions she does or does not take. It’s sort of a big deal. And hugely overwhelming. I’m petrified of getting it wrong.

She is my motivation in all the big things and all the little things too. When I want nothing more to sit on the couch all night after working all day, I just think of her and I keep going. Whether it’s working out, finishing the dishes that piled up in the sink, or working on the homework assignment that’s due at the end of the week…I just keep going.

I will lose the weight again (and keep it off for good) because I want to show my daughter that a healthy life is a good life.

I will run half marathons again (and a marathon) because I want to show my daughter that she can do anything if she wants it bad enough and is willing to put in the hard work.

I will finally get my degree because I want her to see that no matter what decisions she makes or where she is in her life, she doesn’t have to give up.

I’m a work in progress. I don’t have everything perfectly in order, I have laundry piles covering the floors of our bedroom and my bathroom hasn’t been deep cleaned in almost two months. I’ve only successfully worked out twice in one week once since my daughter was born (almost a year ago). But I’m working on it. I wake up every day knowing that her sweet chubby face will be smiling to greet me. In that moment, all of the things I haven’t gotten around to or didn’t do right the day before, fade away and staring back at me is my little motivation to keep on, keepin’ on.