Book Review Policy

If you are an author or a publisher and would like to see your book reviewed on my blog, feel free to contact me using any of the options on the contact page.

While I’m happy to consider every review request I receive, in order to save us both some time, please keep in mind the following:

  • I prefer to review mysteries, thrillers and horror novels, but I do enjoy dark Historical Fiction, YA, Fantasy or Sci-Fi as well.
  • My kids and I are both open to reviewing new and upcoming children’s books.
  • I am NOT interested in reviewing non-fiction, self-help books, religious fiction, or erotic romance.
  • I prefer physical copies but will also accept e-books in mobi format, audiobooks or widget invites via Netgalley.

I reserve the right not to review your book even after accepting it. This rarely happens, but it would if I dislike a book too much to finish or review it. As they say “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all“.

I will review your book as fairly and honestly as possible. My opinion is my own and cannot be influenced, although I will warn you in advance if the review is particularly negative.  

If I accept your book, I will review it within a month of receiving it, or, if it’s an advanced copy, as close to the release date as possible if that’s what you prefer. I am willing to adjust my schedule when possible if you have a preferred date for your review.


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