My TOME TOPPLE TBR | November 2018

Happy Monday everyone! As promised, I’m coming at you with my TBR plans for the Tome Topple Readathon hosted by the gorgeous Sam of Thoughts on Tomes.

This readathon starts at midnight on Friday, November 16th and ends at midnight on Thursday, November 29th. I don’t like a lot of rules so fortunately this one only has one: to read something over 500 pages. We can work with that.

There are a few challenges that are just for fun however:

  1. Read more than one tome
  2. Read a graphic novel (still over 500 pages)
  3. Read a tome that is part of a series
  4. Buddy read a tome
  5. Read an adult novel

Now, I have about five days off during this time and usually we go up to Maine and hang out with my family for the Thanksgiving weekend. It’s generally a pretty quiet weekend so I suspect I will be able to get a decent amount of reading done.

I’m going to share with you five books that I’ve put on my TBR for this but realistically I’ll only get to two…and maybe finish one. I’m sharing five just because I want options to pick from depending on my mood during those two weeks.

Here are the pile of books I plan to pull from:

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon(928p.) – This one is a big maybe for me. I read Outlander a couple of years ago at the urging of a friend. I ended up really enjoying that book so I, of course, went out and picked up the next four books in the series. I’ve read the second and third book and thoroughly disliked both. Snoozeville. I really hate starting a series and not seeing it through but I’m just not totally sold that it’s worth continuing. This would complete the challenge of reading a tome in a series.

Lisey’s Story by Stephen King (513p.) – I’ve actually already started this as a buddy read but am really struggling to get into it. It’s a slow burn and I think I may be in a Stephen King hangover after reading the monster that is “It”. I just set this one aside to pick up something different so I was thinking I could easily finish this for this readathon.

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang (544p.) – I just posted about this book on my list of top ten books I want to get to so clearly this book needs to be read! More than likely this will be the main novel I pick up but if I can get through this one and Lisey’s story then that would be winning.

I added two graphic novels to my pile as well, both copies are from the library and not something I own:

Blankets by Craig Thompson (592p.) – This is sort of a ‘coming of age’ story based on the authors childhood. It deals with young love, the emotional highs and lows of being young, dysfunctional families, losing your religion…and your innocence. It’s not something I would pick at first glance but with great reviews, and limited choices of LARGE graphic novels, here it sits on the list.

From Hell by Alan Moore (576p.) – Now this one is more up my alley, although I’m not sure yet how I feel about the black and white artwork and small confined blurbs of text, but I do love just about anything involving the Ripper killings. If you haven’t seen the movie which features Johnny Depp then let me tell you that this book is about Alan Moore’s take on the Ripper killings. His version makes the killings the epicenter of a conspiracy involving the British Establishment which includes the Freemasons and The Royal Family.

And there you have it! Most of the challenges I’ll be able to complete with the exception of the buddy read (unless any of you want to buddy read one of these with me).

I am so pumped for this readathon and looking forward to some down time to settle in and read. If you’re looking for more details including a list of the co-hosts, make sure you check out Sam’s announcement video linked up above or visit the Goodreads group page.

Are you planning on joining the Tome Topple? What’s the largest book you’ve ever read?

Happy Reading!



MY SHORT-A-THON TBR | December 2018

In case you haven’t heard (which you might not have yet because they literally JUST announced it), Destiny from Howling Libraries and Kathy from Books and Munches are hosting an awesome read-a-thon dedicated to clearing out those shorter novellas, comics, graphic novels, short stories, or whatever else that’s short, from your TBR!

I’ll let you head over to one of their pages for all of the details but I figured I’d share with you today my TBR because I’ve already got mine ready to go!

I’m going to be reading mostly graphic novels for this because I’ve got a nice little stack sitting by my bed that I’ve been meaning to get to and this is the perfect opportunity to knock them out before the end of the year.



Lady Mechanika Vol. 1: The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse by Joe Benitez – 160p.

Lady Killer, Volume 2 by Joelle Jones – 136p.

Penny Dreadful Vol 1: The Awaking by Chris King – 112p.

Penny Dreadful Vol 2: The Beauteous Evil – 112p.

Nailbiter Vol 3: Blood in the Water by Joshua Williamson – 123p.

Nailbiter Vol 4: Blood Lust by Joshua Williamson – 128p.

Nailbiter Vol 5: Bound by Blood by Joshua Williamson – 144p.

Nailbiter Vol 6: The Bloody Truth by Joshua Williamson – 144p.

So those are the priority graphic novels that I’ll be reading. I actually just picked up five graphic novels from the library but I doubt I’ll wait to read those for this.

If I do finish all of the above, there are two short novella’s I’d like to read as well. One is an ARC that is coming out in January 2019 so I’m planning on reading in December anyway and another is a horror novella by Kealan Patrick Burke.

Jack & Jill by Kealan Patrick Burke – 104p.

Looker by Laura Sims – 192p.

I’m really looking forward to this read-a-thon! This will be my second read-a-thon that I know I can really commit to. The other one I’m participating in is the #TomeTopple happening this month which is hosted by one of my many favorite book-tubers, Sam from Thoughts on Tomes.

I’ll talk more about that read-a-thon in a seperate post once I’ve figured out which book (or two) I want to tackle.

Will you be participating in Short-a-thon? If yes, link your TBR’s down below so I can see what you’ll be reading!

Happy Reading!

WWW Wednesday – 10/24/18


Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This book meme is hosted by Taking On A World of Words.

To participate you just answer three simple questions:

What are you reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?




Dead Leaves: 9 Tales from the Witching SeasonI am currently reading Dead Leaves by Kealan Patrick Burke and it is an anthology of eight short seasonal stories. Perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit.

I’ve really come to enjoy short stories, especially between some of my longer novels and after reading Blanky by Burke, I knew he was going to be an author that I would follow and continue to read

I started this over the weekend and just have a couple of stories left which I’ll probably finish on the train home tonight.

I’m also STILL currently reading IT by Stephen King. I’m finally on Part 4 and I do believe that once I finish this book it just might be my biggest reading accomplishment ever! This thing is a beast! I started to follow along with the audio as well so that I can listen at work or when I’m walking from the train to the office. I do enjoy the book but I’m just starting to get that feeling of wanting to be done so I can move onto the next great book.

I’ll write reviews here on both when I’m done.

 recently finished reading Hark! the Herald Angels Scream: An Anthology by Christopher Golden and Stench by AB Morgan.

Hark! The Herald Angels Scream ARC I received from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. I’m working on a seperate post for so be on the lookout. It’s a collection of short stories of Christmas themed horror and it was just released yesterday! Just in time to get you into the holiday mood!

Stench by AB Morgan was another ARC from NetGalley that I finally had to the pull the plug on. I don’t DNF books very often, I really hate to do that, especially when I was given the opportunity to read in exchange for a review. However I had been trying to read that book for months and I kept putting it down to read other things. Life is to short to read books that you don’t enjoy and even though it wasn’t for me, it’s definitely the right pick for someone else. The book starts off interesting: a man finds a dead woman under the floorboards of his house. However it quickly shifts to a woman named Anna who speaks to her dead husband. She thinks she’s working as an investigative reporter to take down some local baddies with her ‘husband’ following close behind, whispering over her shoulder. I find it important to also mention that ghost husband is a dick.

The Elementals As for what I’ll be reading next, I’m going to squeeze in one more for October and read The Elementals by Michael McDowell because it’s been on my kindle for forever and I was supposed to read it with a group and fell behind.

This is a story of an old family house, filling with sand, that is left empty…except for the vicious horror which is shaping nightmares from the nothingness that hangs in the dark, fetid air.

After the family matriarch dies, family comes back to visit their old summer homes. From here the story gets haunted and weird and I’m looking forward to something spooky for Halloween!


What are you currently reading? Have you ever not finished a book? Let’s chat below in the comments!

WWW Wednesday – 10/17/18

img_1384-0Welcome to my first WWW Wednesday! This book meme is hosted by Taking On A World of Words and I discovered it through Jenna’s blog at Jenna Bookish.

To participate you just answer three simple questions:

What are you reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?



An Anonymous GirlI am currently reading An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen which is an  ARC that I was given by the publisher through

It’s a gripping novel of psychological suspense and obsession. I’m really loving it!

Seeking women ages 18-32 to participate in a study on ethics and morality. Generous compensation. Anonymity guaranteed.

A young woman blindly shows up for a psychological study conducted by a mysterious Dr. Shields. She thinks all she has to do is answer some questions, collect her money and leave…but nothing is ever that simple.

I’m also currently reading IT by Stephen King as a buddy read on Instagram. This book needs no summary as we all know what this one is about. Creepy clown, deep routed fears, and a  little town called Derry. Follow #ITbuddyread on Instagram for all the awesome posts and discussions!

I’ll write reviews here on both when I’m done.

 recently finished reading Wytches, Volume 1 by Scott Snyder, The Lies We Told by Camilla Way (review here) and The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton (review here).

Wytches is a graphic novel that has been on my shelf for some time. It’s a much darker and much more horrifying take on the witches that we have come to know. Wytches takes the mythology of witches to a far creepier, bone-chilling place and I enjoyed it a lot! This was published in 2014 and so far I haven’t seen anything about a second volume but I am all for it if there is!

As for what I’ll be reading next, I’m still whittling away at my NetGalley list so that has yet to be determined. I think I’ll read Hunting Annabelle by Wendy Heard which is scheduled to be released on December 18th and I’ve already seen some awesome reviews flying around for it!

The Witch ElmMy pre-order for Tana French’s new book, Witch Elm is also here so that is a pretty strong contender!

It’s about a man name Toby who is out celebrating with some friends when he happens upon two burglars who beat him and leave him for dead.

While struggling to recover from his injuries and accepting the fact that he may never be the same, he escapes to his family’s old home to care for a dying uncle.

A skull is found in the trunk of an old tree in the garden which opens up Toby’s family to investigation, and soon means his past comes back to haunt him along with the realization that it may not be what he always believed it to be.

What are you currently reading? Have you read any of these books that I’ve mentioned? Let’s chat below in the comments!

Life Lately | Friday 9.14.18

Wait a hot minute…how is the summer over already?

The last few weeks of August was a complete whirl wind and now here I am, finally able to see the dust begin to settle. I’ve finished a couple of books since Pieces of Her but I just haven’t had as much time to read as I wanted.

I did finish Hangman by Daniel Cole which is a sequel to Ragdoll. I’ll be posting a review of that but until then, you can check out my short Goodreads review.

My daughter started Kindergarten this month, which is super exciting, and this week is my first week back to work after having some time off. I took an unintentional break from social media during that time so let me get you caught up all the bookish things in my life!

I received two ARC’s through BookishFirst which is a really cool way to win advanced reader copies if you’ve never heard of it. The first book I won, which is the one I’m reading now, is The Brilliant Death by Amy Rose Capetta. This book is about a young girl who hides her magic from her family. She turns her fathers enemies into music boxes and other trinkets but everyone in her village knows Stregas aren’t real. Then the Capo, the ruler of the land, sends poisoned letters to the head of fives families, killing them. Four lie dead, but her father is gravely ill. She must figure out a way to save him, hoping that her magic is the answer.

I’m not loving this book so far but definitely look for a review from me once I’m finished. I’m hoping it will pick up. It’s set to be published on October 30th by Viking.

The second book I won is An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. I’m really looking forward to reading this one! I read the first few pages and was hooked and the reviews on Goodreads are really positive with a rating of 4.21 out of 5.

In addition to those, I have a really large list of ARC’s on my kindle from  NetGalley. My main goal right now is to catch up on them so I’ve banned myself from buying any new books until I’m caught up.

Except I broke that ban today.

But, only because I’ve been eyeing this series for SO long and I just couldn’t help myself anymore. I purchased the first two books of the Deanna Madden series by A.R. Torre and I just can’t wait to get my hands on them!

The Girl in 6E (Deanna Madden, #1)The first book in the trilogy is called The Girl in 6E and I’ve seen this book talked about on Instagram and Goodreads quite a lot lately. However, I stood strong and continued to hold out.

But then Natasha from MyReadingisOdd talked about it in her latest video and it was all over. I immediately bought the first two books.


The main character is a cyber sex worker, making online videos from the confines of her apartment, which she never leaves. She also has murderous desires that would make Dexter blush.


I had a strong feeling that I was really going to love this book (which is why I didn’t bother checking the library first) so I also bought the second book, Do Not Disturb.

Do Not Disturb (Deanna Madden, #2)

I wanted to buy all three books but of course I couldn’t find a decent used copy on any of the sites I typically buy from. I did finally find it on Amazon but figured I’d read at

least the first one before I ordered it.

See, I DO have willpower.

I will probably be stalking my mailman until I get these.

Have any of you read these books? Did you love them or hate them?

I’ve seen people compare this to Dexter and 50 Shades of Gray, so if erotic is not your thing you probably wouldn’t enjoy these books.



So that’s really all I have. Looking forward to getting back into a routine now that things are calming down (just in time for the holidays’ to ramp things back up).

ChelseaDolling Reads and MyReadingisOdd are hosting the Contemporary-A-Thon next week and I’ve been toying with the idea of following along. So I’m going to look at what I have on my kindle and see if any of my ARC’s fit the challenges. I don’t read a ton of contemporary and admittedly a little unsure of what really qualifies.

Before I sign off, I’ll leave you with this fun bookish gift. I was in a wedding over the weekend, I officiated with another friend which was such a rad experience! The bride gave us all a gift which included cozy socks with fun sayings on the bottom. Mine couldn’t have been more perfect for me and I can’t wait to get home and put them on!


Happy Reading!





Mid-Year Review

Okay so technically speaking, I’m a little late to the party seeing that it’s July already but I thought it would be fun to share all the great books I’ve read so far this year. I set a goal to read 50 books and I’m well on my way to surpassing that!

I’ve always been a big reader, even as a kid, but sometime last year I fell in love with reading all over again and have made it a priority to set aside time for myself to do it. Which isn’t always easy as a working mom.

I’m pretty happy with everything I’ve read so far. I started the year following a few challenges but of course I started to drop off after the second month into it. I’m a mood reader so, as fun as challenges are, they’re really hard to stick with.

I did however make it a point to really branch out and read more genres and pick-up books I might not otherwise read, and I’m so glad I did! I started reading graphic novels and discovered that I really enjoy them! I’ve also realized I really love a well written fantasy novel (in fact I’m really in the mood to read one now). Here are a couple of the best and worst books so far:

What I Loved

The Wise Mans Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

Okay so I only gave this book three stars on Goodreads but hear me out. This book is long and incredibly detailed. At times it can even feel a bit arduous, but I can not stop thinking about this book! I think we can all agree that the man really knows how to write a story and maybe it’s just because I’m really in the mood to read another fantasy novel, but I keep looking at these books on my shelf feeling desperate for the third book. A couple of days ago I broke down and spent my Audible credit on the audio version of The Wise Mans Fear and that’s saying something.

You by Caroline Kepnes

I don’t even know what to say about this book. Or Hidden Bodies for that matter. Kepnes writing is incredibly witty and sharp. Somehow she manages to make you love Joe Goldberg who is actually a psychotic, obsessive killer. Masterful. I love a good serial killer novel and I love them even more when they’re written in their perspective so this was such a treat to read. In a dark and creepy kind of way.

What I Didn’t Love

Outer Dark by Cormac McCarthy

I am probably in the minority here but this was actually a DNF for me. This was the second time I tried to read a book by McCarthy and I think my problem is that I really don’t enjoy his writing style at all. Why oh why does this man hate punctuation!? The lack of quotations really irks me in a big way. Am I missing something here? Something profound? I just don’t understand…

American War by Omar El Akkad

This was my only one star. It actually would have been another DNF if it hadn’t been for the fact that I read this with a couple of a girlfriends. This was tagged as a Dystopian novel, taking place in 2095 amid the next Civil War, only it felt like a re-write of the Civil War in 1865…just add in some drones flying over head occasionally. The character development was terrible and there were SO MANY plot gaps.  I also think the author was more focused on pushing his political view then really putting the effort into writing something amazing.

So that’s where I’m at so far: the good and the bad. I’ve got a lot of books on my shelves I’m dying to read and some upcoming releases that I’m also really looking forward to! It’s going to be a good year for reading.

I’m curious: have you read any of these books? Any you loved or hated? Any Fantasy must reads that you would recommend I check out? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading!