My TOME TOPPLE TBR | November 2018

Happy Monday everyone! As promised, I’m coming at you with my TBR plans for the Tome Topple Readathon hosted by the gorgeous Sam of Thoughts on Tomes.

This readathon starts at midnight on Friday, November 16th and ends at midnight on Thursday, November 29th. I don’t like a lot of rules so fortunately this one only has one: to read something over 500 pages. We can work with that.

There are a few challenges that are just for fun however:

  1. Read more than one tome
  2. Read a graphic novel (still over 500 pages)
  3. Read a tome that is part of a series
  4. Buddy read a tome
  5. Read an adult novel

Now, I have about five days off during this time and usually we go up to Maine and hang out with my family for the Thanksgiving weekend. It’s generally a pretty quiet weekend so I suspect I will be able to get a decent amount of reading done.

I’m going to share with you five books that I’ve put on my TBR for this but realistically I’ll only get to two…and maybe finish one. I’m sharing five just because I want options to pick from depending on my mood during those two weeks.

Here are the pile of books I plan to pull from:

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon(928p.) – This one is a big maybe for me. I read Outlander a couple of years ago at the urging of a friend. I ended up really enjoying that book so I, of course, went out and picked up the next four books in the series. I’ve read the second and third book and thoroughly disliked both. Snoozeville. I really hate starting a series and not seeing it through but I’m just not totally sold that it’s worth continuing. This would complete the challenge of reading a tome in a series.

Lisey’s Story by Stephen King (513p.) – I’ve actually already started this as a buddy read but am really struggling to get into it. It’s a slow burn and I think I may be in a Stephen King hangover after reading the monster that is “It”. I just set this one aside to pick up something different so I was thinking I could easily finish this for this readathon.

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang (544p.) – I just posted about this book on my list of top ten books I want to get to so clearly this book needs to be read! More than likely this will be the main novel I pick up but if I can get through this one and Lisey’s story then that would be winning.

I added two graphic novels to my pile as well, both copies are from the library and not something I own:

Blankets by Craig Thompson (592p.) – This is sort of a ‘coming of age’ story based on the authors childhood. It deals with young love, the emotional highs and lows of being young, dysfunctional families, losing your religion…and your innocence. It’s not something I would pick at first glance but with great reviews, and limited choices of LARGE graphic novels, here it sits on the list.

From Hell by Alan Moore (576p.) – Now this one is more up my alley, although I’m not sure yet how I feel about the black and white artwork and small confined blurbs of text, but I do love just about anything involving the Ripper killings. If you haven’t seen the movie which features Johnny Depp then let me tell you that this book is about Alan Moore’s take on the Ripper killings. His version makes the killings the epicenter of a conspiracy involving the British Establishment which includes the Freemasons and The Royal Family.

And there you have it! Most of the challenges I’ll be able to complete with the exception of the buddy read (unless any of you want to buddy read one of these with me).

I am so pumped for this readathon and looking forward to some down time to settle in and read. If you’re looking for more details including a list of the co-hosts, make sure you check out Sam’s announcement video linked up above or visit the Goodreads group page.

Are you planning on joining the Tome Topple? What’s the largest book you’ve ever read?

Happy Reading!



MY SHORT-A-THON TBR | December 2018

In case you haven’t heard (which you might not have yet because they literally JUST announced it), Destiny from Howling Libraries and Kathy from Books and Munches are hosting an awesome read-a-thon dedicated to clearing out those shorter novellas, comics, graphic novels, short stories, or whatever else that’s short, from your TBR!

I’ll let you head over to one of their pages for all of the details but I figured I’d share with you today my TBR because I’ve already got mine ready to go!

I’m going to be reading mostly graphic novels for this because I’ve got a nice little stack sitting by my bed that I’ve been meaning to get to and this is the perfect opportunity to knock them out before the end of the year.



Lady Mechanika Vol. 1: The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse by Joe Benitez – 160p.

Lady Killer, Volume 2 by Joelle Jones – 136p.

Penny Dreadful Vol 1: The Awaking by Chris King – 112p.

Penny Dreadful Vol 2: The Beauteous Evil – 112p.

Nailbiter Vol 3: Blood in the Water by Joshua Williamson – 123p.

Nailbiter Vol 4: Blood Lust by Joshua Williamson – 128p.

Nailbiter Vol 5: Bound by Blood by Joshua Williamson – 144p.

Nailbiter Vol 6: The Bloody Truth by Joshua Williamson – 144p.

So those are the priority graphic novels that I’ll be reading. I actually just picked up five graphic novels from the library but I doubt I’ll wait to read those for this.

If I do finish all of the above, there are two short novella’s I’d like to read as well. One is an ARC that is coming out in January 2019 so I’m planning on reading in December anyway and another is a horror novella by Kealan Patrick Burke.

Jack & Jill by Kealan Patrick Burke – 104p.

Looker by Laura Sims – 192p.

I’m really looking forward to this read-a-thon! This will be my second read-a-thon that I know I can really commit to. The other one I’m participating in is the #TomeTopple happening this month which is hosted by one of my many favorite book-tubers, Sam from Thoughts on Tomes.

I’ll talk more about that read-a-thon in a seperate post once I’ve figured out which book (or two) I want to tackle.

Will you be participating in Short-a-thon? If yes, link your TBR’s down below so I can see what you’ll be reading!

Happy Reading!

Wrap-Up | July 2018

Is anyone else shocked that we’re at the end of July already!? Now I’m sitting here looking at my calendar, at everything we have going on in the next few weeks, and realizing I have to fit back-to-school shopping into the mix! My daughter is starting Kindergarten so it’s going to be a very exciting time of year for us…well for her, I’ll be crying over in the corner.

But let’s get to the books shall we? Here’s everything I read in July:

  • Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter – ARC, Paperback (Review to come)
  • The Body Counter by Anne Frasier – ARC, eBook
  • Sleepwalker: A Keyhole Novel by Sarah A. Kenney – eBook from Author
  • Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
  • Dark Water by Koji Suzuki – Hardcover
  • Somebody’s Daughter by David Bell – ARC, eBook
  • Providence by Caroline Kepnes – Audio, Hardcover
  • The Gaslight Stalker by David Field – ARC, eBook
  • Nailbiter Vol. 2 by Joshua Williamson – Graphic Novel

Picture1I’m quite pleased with everything I read in July and the actual number of books I read! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I was really blown away by Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter. This was an ARC that the publisher sent to me and is scheduled to be released on August 21st. I’m working on the review now, but you guys…it was SO good! If you are a fan of Karin Slaughter then I will say that this is a little different then her typical books but the same outstanding writing is there. It’s a fast paced, edge of your seat, kind of read.

The least impressive for me was Sleepwalker by Sarah A. Kenney and I think it’s just because it needs a good editor to help clean it up. It’s a self published psychological thriller that I received from the author. The premise is that the main character, Ashley, ran away from the only home she ever knew because of an abusive uncle and an aunt who looked the other way. Her parents had died in an accident so her and her brother were sent to live with them. Fast forward and the aunt passes away in a strange manner and left the old family farm house to Ashley. Ashley sees ghosts and some strange things start happening around the house. The general concept of the book was good but the plot was full of holes. She was also super repetitive and that sort of drives me nuts in books. I gave it a generous two stars on Goodreads.

Currently I’m finishing up Ragdoll by Daniel Cole so that I can read his new book, Hangman, which is the second book in the Fawkes and Baxter series. It was just released here in the US last week. I love this book so far and am so excited to read the second one! I’ll definitely post a review for each once I’m finished so stay tuned for those.

Now I’m planning my TBR for August which I think will be a little less thriller and a little more fantasy and historical fiction, since that’s the mood I’ve been in. I’m also still working on my goal of cleaning up my NetGalley shelf and have some books that were released over the summer that I’d like to get to.

What’s up next on your TBR?

Happy Reading!